« Bansard International follows our work from the development of our products to the final distribution in more than forty countries. We value their listening, their global coverage and the availability of the Bansard team. Our main areas of concern previously were delay's and poor preparation of orders; however, we have never been disappointed by Bansard’s work. Their expertise makes the optimisation and execution of our supply chain possible. This makes for true partnership! »

                                                                                                                                Enzo, Directeur Ybera France.

Ybera is the Brazilian leader in hair care products, specialized in B2B hair straighteners. Ybera proposes a broad range of high-quality products backed up by the latest scientific innovations.  Brazil is the second biggest consumer of hair straightening products after the USA.  Their products success allowed the opportunity for significant Internationalization, notably in France.

So to support their rapid growth, an efficient and trustworthy transport & logistics company was needed; this is the reason why they chose Bansard International to distribute their products from Brazil to France, Middle East, North Africa, Asia and manage their stocks in all these geographical zones.

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