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Quality & Environment

Our respect for the sustainability of the environment and our human resources policies are further evidence as to how we guarantee the efficiency of our solutions.  Bansard ensures our commitments towards combing the economic, environmental, and societal aspects of your business.


  • Comply with our commitment to providing services in an organized manner, and in accordance with defined procedures.
  • Continuously searching for new supply chain solution and innovation.
  • To employ competent and qualified managers who exercise responsibility and the ability to stimulate our employees passion within the business to provide the best possible level of service to our customers.
  • Help bring high economic efficiency to customers
  • Establish a true partnership with our customers



AEO certification (Authorised Economic Operator), customs clearance simplification and security certification since 2012.
AEO approval is the guarantee of a safe and reliable partner. In working with customs agents AEO, our clients will benefit :
- Prioritization of shipment handling,
- Simplified customs procedures,
- Legal aspects of customers shipments handled with speed, and efficiency
Note that regular audits are performed by Customs agents to maintain this approval.


bansard iso 90012015

ISO 9001: 2015 certification for our BANSARD MAROC branch
Bansard International is committed to managing the quality and ISO certification process for its affiliates.



  • Contribute towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by reseearching and proposing innovative and cost-effective technical solutions. Our goal is to assist our customers in optimizing their supply chain organization, or to reconsider their organization to focus one more substainable solutions.
  • To select like-minded, reliable suppliers who mirror and support our quality and environmental approaches.
  • Updating of equipment i.e. Our vehicles.
    Our trailers are all equipped with a GPS based navigation equipment which enables us to easily load and unload shipments while optimizing loading capacities.
  • Reduction in paper consumption
    By utilising IT to facilitate the provision, search and storage of information, we aim to reduce the usage of paper throughout our business.
  • Development of a responsible approach within our offices
    We have developed a ‘responsible buying policy’ throughout all of our offices and logistics hub within supplies and consumer goods etc.  Bansard Interntional haveadopted an approach to what we call ‘Environmental, daily action, campaign’ encouraging our staff to act responsibly towards the environment by considering their day to day actions so minimizing waste, recycling where possible and actively saving energy.

By measuring daily performances and taking corrective action, we can prove our long-term commitment towards sustainability.

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