Bansard takes on Canton Fair's 125th Edition

24 April 2019 | China | Events

Bansard International took part in the 125th Canton Fair's first phase between April 15th and April 18th 2019 so as to promote its services and solutions to over 20,000 sellers and 200,000 buyers from all over the world. This initiative aimed at extending the Group's presence and broadening its network in China and Southern Asia.

Bansard takes on Canton Fair's 125th Edition

The Canton Fair is a massive event that occurs twice a year, and that aims at gathering a lot of Chinese - but also a few International - manufacturers and sellers who wish to expand their business overseas or simply hope to get in the spotlight. On the other hand, the attendees are all buyers from all around the world hoping to find the next best thing to flood their local market with. The third player type is that of the freight forwarders, who naturally find interest in such an event as either sellers or buyers might be in need of transport solutions for their businesses.

Bansard teams covered phase one of this year's Canton Fair, which showcased the very best of Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances, as well as vehicle spare parts, heavy machinery, tools and agricultural equipment. The fair was held into an impressively huge, modern architecture building - which in all its might makes up for over 1,185,000 sqm of gross exhibition space - specifically designed and built for the purpose of hosting the gigantic event.

Bansard Canton fair Banner

Bansard Team at the 125th Canton Fair (April 15th - April 18th)

Attending the Canton Fair is a yearly tradition that Bansard holds very dear as it represents a unique and formidable opportunity to expand their portfolio as well as a remarkable experience for the newer additions to the Group's ranks, and 2019 was no exception! The on-site teams operated with relentlessness and efficiency to provide the best possible service.


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