BREXIT: Have you thought about your EORI number?

14 January 2021 | World

European regulations provide a unique community identifier number to be used by international economic operators, the EORI number. My Brexit Solutions explains how to get this number so that you can complete your customs formalities with the United Kingdom.

BREXIT: Have you thought about your EORI number?

What is the EORI Number?

EORI registration is compulsory before any customs operation in a Member State. In practice, the EORI number, Economic Operator Registration and Identification, is used to identify economic operators and other persons in their dealings with customs authorities. In France, the EORI number is mainly used in online services (electronic declarations) linked to the customs clearance of goods.

The EORI number is in the following form: it uses the structure of the country identifier and the SIRET number according to the diagram: FR + SIRET or GB + SIRET (GBYY87654321)


How to get my EORI number?

The request for an EORI number is made via the SOPRANO-EORI online service via the space of the official French customs website


French doing business with the United Kingdom?

Registration in France only takes place if you are not already registered in another Member State. French customs then proceeded to register your identification data in advance to send you an EORI number.

Check if you already have an EORI number by clicking here.

If you do not appear in the database or you do not have an EORI number then you will need to register your business with customs.


Company or third-party operator already having a British EORI identification number


In this case, you will now have to register with the authorities by completing an application form for EORI registration and return this completed form by email.


To make it easier for you to obtain an EORI number, the MyBrexitSolution teams are at your disposal to inform you and advise you on the procedures to follow and to carry out.

For more information and to help you with your Brexit customs procedures, contact our teams

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