Company Event : Bansard Annual Gala - 2019 Edition

02 February 2019 | Chine | Events

A very special Gala for a very special year : Bansard International celebrates yet another year of successes as the group’s Asian Branch turns 15 !

Company Event : Bansard Annual Gala - 2019 Edition

The night between January 31st and February 1st has marked the 15th year of existence of the Chinese branch of Bansard International Group. A very special milestone indeed, celebrated during the company’s traditional annual Gala dinner.

Every year, Bansard China holds dear its tradition of hosting two Gala dinners : one for Northern China – this year’s took place in Shanghai’s Mariott ‘Renaissance’ Hotel on January 31st –, and one for Southern and Central China, which took place in Guangzhou’s Mariott Hotel on January 26st this year.

Several activities were carried out throughout the evening, amongst which the ‘Lucky Draw’, a Chinese classic which concept resembles that of a lottery, was certainly the most successful. The main difference lies in the fact that the ‘Lucky Draw’ is a Chinese tradition during New Year’s eve, where companies would typically give their employees the chance to win a selection of prizes provided by either the company itself, or its partners.

Hosted by the Marketing Team, the event also saw China General Manager Jennifer Zhang and Pacific Vice-President Loïc Benattar deliver remarkable speeches. Many guests were present amongst which employees, partners and even clients ; making Bansard’s 2019 Gala dinner the very best to date.

This Gala dinner, as it has been every year so far, was an opportunity for people to meet and share a good moment with their colleagues and friends. It was a great moment of celebration for Bansard Family and its partners. Milestones were reached, but the best is yet to come !

Happy Chinese New Year !

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