Congestion at Dhaka Airport (DAC), Bangladesh

15 June 2021 | Bangladesh

Dhaka Airport, Bangladesh (DAC), is now experiencing heavy congestion. Our teams estimate that it now takes about 9 hours (CUT-OFF) before flight departure.

Congestion at Dhaka Airport (DAC), Bangladesh

Dhaka Airport, Bangladesh (DAC), is currently experiencing heavy congestion. This is due to the failure of several scanners (normal and EDS), combined with the lack of airport staff (Ground Handling Agents) and the large volumes dedicated to export currently on hold.

The storage capacities are also very limited, currently, the hangars of the Cargo Village area, BAFFA (Bangladesh Freight Forwarder Association) as well as CAAB (Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh) are full, including many fresh and perishable products. 

Bansard Bangladesh teams estimate that it will take about 9 hours (average Cut-off) before the flight departure.
Now, the waiting time in the queue for EDS scanning depends on the volume of export and the ability of the airport handling agents to scan the goods, our team assumes that it is on average 4-5 hours.

Given the above situation, we publish the shipping plan well in advance so that the operations people have a buffer time to scan the goods. However, we may miss some flights due to the fact that fruits and perishable exports remain the priority when scanning, and their volumes remain important. This situation should last until the end of July before the situation returns to normal.

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