Coronavirus Impact : Disturbances on transport

19 June 2020 | World | General

Bansard International is closely monitoring the situation following the coronavirus outbreak. Based on the information obtained, we have decided to share the latest updates on a regular basis. The teams remain at your disposal for any further information.

Coronavirus Impact : Disturbances on transport


Globally for all Air freight operations, from/to each Bansard countries, the airlines are canceling or reducing their flights, thus having a substantial impact on the air freight and available capacity. Nevertheless, for almost all the countries, the cargo planes (freighters) are still ongoing and allowed to travel between countries as usual. Regarding the impacts on sea freight, road or other logistics activities are subject to local government decisions, see following our observations per country: 



All employees of the Bansard France offices are physically present, except in exceptional cases. The teams can be reached on their usual lines and by email.
The different agencies and associate members are organized to best respond to your requests and ensure continuity of services.The transport of goods is operational as usual.
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Bansard-Cargoline offices: all staff (apart from warehouse staff) have the ability to work from home or remotely. 
All transport, logistics and customs operations remain as usual



Bansard offices: all staff work from home, warehouses are open as usual. 
Seaport & airport operations are still going on but at any time full operations may be closed due to the current situation of Covid-19. The business volume is highly impacted due to the ongoing lockdown. Still, for the import shipment from China, 14 days quarantine is maintained at Chittagong port from the departure date.  As the number of cases is increasing, the Government of Bangladesh declared the current lockdown to be continued until 16th MAY’20.



Bansard office: working from home.
Sea freight operations are working well. The ports of Antwerp, Dunkerque, Zeebrugge, and Rotterdam are fully operational. There is not many staff available from customs and port operators, so some delays may occur. In addition, capacity is limited mainly in the Middle East and China/Asia.



Bansard office: working from office.
Overall Cambodia situation is in control. Sea freight operations are working well despite the decrease in demands. The government has also postponed the Khmer New Year to another appropriate time, not communicated yet. 



Despite the country lockdown, extend up to 18th of May, customs had been instructed to keep themselves open on round the clock basis till 30th June to facilitate import/export trade. The rest of the support mechanisms like CFS operation, trucking, custom broking, may not be able to work as usual. A check case-by-case will be needed according to the port of entries or loading.

General impacts in India: recent guidelines, outlined at the beginning of May, update the country's designated red, green, and orange zoning system. Red zones are considered hotspots, while considerable relaxations will be permitted in areas considered less dangerous. All of India's major metropolitan areas like Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad will remain classified as red zones and will stay under strict lockdown measures. All travel by air and rail will still be prohibited under the extension, with schools, restaurants, and places of worship also remaining shut nationally.



Bansard offices: staff started to work as usual from the office. There is a limitation of 8 people maximum in one room with keeping 2 meters each. Cargo can be move as usual. Ashdod and Haifa ports are working as usual. Ben Gurion TLV airport is only open for cargoes. 

General impacts in Israel: Beginning of May, the Prime Minister announced a new raft of relaxations in the lockdown including the opening of shopping malls, outdoor markets, and fitness clubs on 07/05/2020. The 100-meter restriction from home for non-essential matters or exercise has been canceled. However, restaurants and cafes are still only allowed to offer to take away service. Gatherings of up to 100 will be allowed from June 1 and all restrictions on gatherings will be canceled from mid-June, providing the number of new daily infections remains below 100. Until at least May 16, Israelis returning from abroad will be required to self-isolate for 14 days and all foreigners are barred from entering Israel.



Our office in Mexico is operating, as usual, the country as such put in place a soft lockdown. All our local partners in the region working from home as lockdown is still in place. Passenger flights are limited to almost 100%. Cargo flights operate as usual. All countries have blocked their borders.



Bansard offices: for safety, 50% of the team is working at home, 50% are at the office.
Containment is extended until June 10. Airfreight flights are still suspended except for a few cargo connections operated by TK, Fedex and DHL.
For the road and maritime, the service is as normal. 
Except for food and medical importers, most of the importers in Morocco decided to delay or cancel their import until further notice. 



Pakistan is still in lockdown, more and more factories are opening gradually. Airfreight continues to be operative with limited freighters on extremely high air freight rates. Sea freight has finally seen some sign of slowing down due to 21 days lockdown in India.
As most of the direct vessels calling into Pakistan come via India, several services were called off this week in Pakistan as well, and more are expected during the next few days. 



Bansard offices: home-office
Effective from March 30, the Spanish government implements further restrictions on movement within the country. The new measures prohibit all employees in non-essential sectors from reporting to work. The nationwide State of Alarm will continue through May 9 but will probably be extended as the situation is not getting better in Spain.
Essential services will continue, thus including transportation and warehousing among others. However, provision of some of these services – including transportation will be very limited especially in Air Freight from now only freighters are operational. Due to the lack of capacity, any air freight space needs to book one week in advance. Port Operations are working well but there is a lack of special equipment, especially reefers containers. For inland and crossborder road transportation, there is no restriction in Spain but limited services.
The customs are working as usual but we cannot issue original EUR1/ ATR it must be electronical, customs inspections procedures are still working but there is a global slow down.



Bansard offices: staff split between home-office and bansard-office (10:00-17:00)
Operations are still working nevertheless the sea freight operations are slower than usual due to carriers and haulers who work remotely. 



Bansard offices: home-office this week
Sea Freight operations FCL and LCL and trucking to Spain, France, and Germany are working as usual, 



Bansard offices: offices and warehouses are working as usual. No visitors allowed.
The USA is now the #1 spot in the world with confirmed Covid-19 cases. Many states and counties within states make independent decisions, most often have "shelter-at-home" declarations out that urge residents to stay at home, with a curfew established. Bansard-Anker USA, as a necessary business remains fully operational and can manage all necessary import and export operations form the USA.
From now all the seaport and airports are operational, as well as warehousing and e-commerce operations. The air freight capacity remains the strongest impacted. We also do not notice any impact on customs brokerage operations.
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Bansard offices: home-office, warehouses are working as usual 
The local authorities have suspended all international flights to Vietnam. Sea freight and Warehouses are operating as usual, local transport from region to region are minimized except for essential services. However, one of carrier Maersk Line has approved their staff to work from home. The border with Cambodia has also been completely closed. 



Bansard offices: offices and warehouses are working as usual 

MAY 21, 05:00 GMT
 AIR FREIGHT All airports are operational for commercial flights (including international flights from Wuhan) and due to the record number of charters planned to China, the air freight capacity is now capable of meeting the market demand. PVG and CAN airports are in bad congestion.
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 SEA FREIGHT All major Ports and terminals are open. Due to the severe repercussions of the COVID-19 outbreak globally, vessel schedules are strongly impacted as we experiment a significant of blank sailings in May, space is already very tight, for both WMED & NEUR lanes. Barge services are back to normal
 RAIL Railway service is back to normal.
 LOGISTICS Warehouses are fully operational, the situation is back to normal.

Inland trucking service is back to normal.


Working as usual. From now, no specific measure has been put in place in the EU for shipments imported from China
 China IMPORT  The import process is now back to normal
for more information: 

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