Find Bansard International on Alibaba!

30 September 2021 | World

Bansard International has launched its official account at Alibaba’s international platform, one of the largest B2B online marketplaces in the world.

Find Bansard International on Alibaba!

Bansard International has launched its official account on Alibaba’s international platform. With Alibaba’s unique and strong position in China, this partnership is an important complement to Bansard’s international network. The launch on Alibaba will allow Bansard to be even more accessible for customers’ e-needs in every corner of the world.

Alibaba is one of the largest B2B online marketplaces on the planet with 26 million global active business partners serving customers in 190 countries in 19 different languages and receives over 340,000 product inquiries and over 20,000 RFQ’s (“Request for Quote”) daily (source: Apnews). Since the company started 21 years ago, it has invested in building more tools and more ecosystems to facilitate international product sales. With a business model built around being a business "facilitator" for companies globally, Alibaba's platform connects business buyers to business sellers and integrates third-party partners. In some ways, Alibaba represents a solution that retailers can trust and of significant size (DSG). During the epidemic, Alibaba International Station launched a special support policy for small and medium-sized enterprises, starting from four areas: business opportunities, operation, compliance and finance, to build a digital foreign trade "anti-epidemic" supply chain (source: Xinhua).


As part of the strengthening of the digital presence of the Bansard International Group, we have opened our Alibaba platform, targeting the countries where we are present. There has been explosive growth in e-commerce over the world, not only in the field of B2C but also in B2B. Bansard International, as a company with 58 years of history, embrace actively every new opportunity occurred in the changing world. We believe that Alibaba will be a perfect channel for potential customers seeking a professional business partner who provides customized transport and logistics solutions.



Discover our company page on with our main information as well our key products with a fast contact channel. Customers can find all our main services and request quote on


During the launch period, Bansard's platform on Alibaba will be offering over 15 classic products including air freight service, sea freight BBOX, and Cross-border truck, a product launched this year, with a more flexible schedule compared to railway/Sea/Air, even during peak seasons.




Find us on the platform and meet our reactive teams focused on service, cost reduction and optimization of your transports 24/7, as well as a multilingual team speaking English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Hebrew.

For more information about our Alibaba platform, please do not hesitate to contact 


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