Focus on a great success story: the project "Un tour en France" in Mexico

07 November 2018 | Thailand | Our solutions

This summer, we successfully organized the shipment of several thousands goods from France to Mexico. This project was carried out as part of the "Un Tour en France" festival, a festival that highlights French products in La Comer group stores for two months. A look back at a great project by Bansard Mexico in cooperation with our local partner HENCO Mexico as well as our agencies of Le Havre and Roissy Charles De Gaulle who managed this complex project through a successful cooperation.

Focus on a great success story: the project "Un tour en France" in Mexico

The project begins in June 2018.

The objective? To send several thousands of goods from France to Mexico for the "Un tour en France" festival, which will take place from October to December 2018.
This event dedicated to France and taking place in 4 shops of La Comer group aims to promote the country's culture by giving Mexican consumers access to typical products of French culture such as foie gras, cosmetics, wine etc.

The festival in LaComer shelves


These products from 85 French suppliers were sent by two of our agencies under the direction of Bansard Mexico, our group's control tower in Latin America: 

  • Our agency based in Le Havre, sent 95% of the goods by SeaFreight to Mexico after having consolidated them (dry, cold+ and frozen),
  • Our Roissy Charles De Gaulle agency, which handled the remaining 5%, still representing 7 tons of products, and sent it by AirFreight. Indeed, these delicate products (such as foie gras or cheese) require travelling under a Positive Cold (+2° to +8°) and respecting the cold chain throughout the process.

Thanks to our expertise in fresh & perishable goods, our adapted infrastructures, the Bansard Group's worldwide network and above all the professionalism of our employees who worked hard for several months, this project has been a great success.
By the way, the grand inauguration occured on October 30th 2018 in the presence of the French Ambassador in Mexico and the Managing Director of the La Comer Group.

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