Interview with Mauro Mazzacurati, Vice President Latin America

17 June 2021 | Latin America


Interview with Mauro Mazzacurati, Vice President Latin America


Dear Mauro, a few questions about your professional life. How many years have you lived in Latin America?

I have spent 19 years between Chile and Mexico. Now, I have been outside Italy for 25 years, after passing through Hong Kong and Japan.


Have you always been working in the logistics industry?

Always! Between Italy and the rest of the world, I have been working in the logistics sector for over 43 years and, to tell the truth, I have never tired of learning. It's a fantastic environment, full of adrenaline, where you always have to keep a humble and curious approach because this industry is evolving very fast.


We know that before coming to Bansard International, you worked in other very important multinationals such as DHL and Panalpina. Which country do you think is best located from a labour perspective?

Each country has its own characteristics and, to be sincere, all my experiences have been and continue to be of great value. If you ask me what has remained in my heart? I answer without hesitation Japan. A unique and reliable country


What was the impact of Covid on the Latin American market?

A catastrophe from a human point of view, with over 30 million cases and several million deaths. An impressive economic challenge that continues unabated with great adaptability and a spirit of sacrifice in almost all Latin countries.


Which countries do you think stand out the most in economic terms?

The statistics speak for themselves. In terms of GDP and macroeconomics, Brazil and Mexico are two giants that represent at least 40% of the continental economy with about 330 million inhabitants, which is almost half the population of the whole of Latin America.


What has been the impact of Bansard International in this part of the world?

Very positive and at the same time very pragmatic. Bansard International is a recognised group on the world market with a growth rate like a 'formula 1'.

In Latin America, a consolidation process began five years ago and today we have built up a network of partners with absolute professionalism and great growth potential, but there is still a lot to do!


Which countries would you consider as emerging markets?

I wouldn't call them emerging countries because from Colombia to Argentina, Chile, Peru and finally all the Central American countries are a historical reality, with different characteristics.

For example, the export of perishable raw materials, wine, has increased over the last five years. Asian countries, and especially China, were the main clients.

Central American countries also have particular characteristics in the ability to organise supply chain processes that are envied worldwide.


How is the market reacting to the impact of the lack of space at sea?

Quite well, but with the same great suffering that I see in the rest of the world. Freight levels are at all-time highs. On the other hand, Latin America imports massively the finished product and therefore the impact due to the lack of space, especially from China, is highly negative.

However, it must be said that new scenarios are quickly emerging in terms of production with emerging countries such as Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh and India entering the Latin American market in a positive way.

The Bansard International group is present in these countries with its own offices and this represents an undeniable advantage.


What are your forecasts for the last half of 2021 and for 2022?

Referred to Latin America, the market will continue to rebound with strong exports and with the ability to diversify supplies from China to other markets, including European countries such as France and Spain.


Can you share with us the next developments of Bansard International in Latin America?

My feeling is that Bansard is in "pole position" and is ready to take on new challenges and make investments in this market. From a personal point of view, I am looking forward to seeing some Bansard flags here and there in Latin America.


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