Lebanon solidarity action

26 January 2021 | France | Various

On Tuesday 4 August 2020, two powerful explosions shook Beirut (Lebanon), causing a blast that was felt for tens of kilometres around and the collapse of many buildings. The Bansard International group did not hesitate to mobilise their teams.

Lebanon solidarity action

Among the buildings affected was the Catholic institution of higher education, St. Joseph University (USJ), founded in 1875. It is considered one of the oldest and most prestigious in Lebanon and the Middle East. It offers multidisciplinary teaching, since in 2017 it will have 13 faculties, 7 schools and 15 institutes, spread over 5 campuses in Beirut and 3 university study centres in Saïda (Algeria), Tripoli (Libya) and Zahlé (Lebanon).

Lebanese by origin and former student of the University, one of the members of the Management of the Bansard International group did not hesitate to mobilise and he quickly got in touch with the dean of the institution. With the alumni committee and following various exchanges, it was proposed to participate in the renovation of the building in terms of its legal works, a true symbol for the reconstruction of the University and the importance of access to knowledge for its students.
Thus, at the beginning of January 2021, the Bansard International teams were mobilised at various levels, and took charge of all the costs associated with sending parcels containing the precious works.

One of the professors of the Faculty of Law and Political Science is grateful to us:

"On behalf of the USJ Law School, I would like to thank you very much for the free, efficient and safe transport of the books made available to our students by the Economica publishing house".

A big thank you to all the Bansard International teams for their solidarity and their commitment making such an operation possible!


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