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  • LePeignoir.fr recommends EasyColis service

LePeignoir.fr recommends EasyColis service

08 July 2016 | France | Events

At the beginning of 2013, LePeignoir.fr opens based on a simple statement: "Specialized shops for luxury, branded Homewear on a large scale.  When it becomes a challenge to find the bathrobe you're looking for, fear not, LePeignoir.fr is here!"

LePeignoir.fr recommends EasyColis service

Today, the e-shop has gone on to become the first website specialized in personalized bathrobes and pyjamas.

With over 1,300 different styles of attire, LePeignoir.fr can be the provider for all your Homewear needs. 

LePeignoir.fr offers various collections, ranging from bathing wear to sports pyjamas (Kimonos) and comfortable attire for evening relaxation and sleeping.

To synthesize, LePeignoir.fr offers the choice between hundreds of personal products, with a proactive customer service and free delivery within France and all neighbouring countries sharing a border with France!

LePeignoir.fr's ambition is to become the best in their niche market internationally, focusing on developing outside of French borders and exporting worldwide. LePeignoir.fr opened its service in Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium, it manages its exportation and has always strived to work with reliable partners; Bansard and its expertise in textiles and e-logistics became the perfect candidate. LePeignoir.fr, Bansard and CrossLog (a subsidiary of Bansard) signed a commercial agreement and chose EasyColis to monitor their packages within France in the rest of Europe.

Today, the challenge relies on internationalization which requires some specifics to be met such as:

- International marketing costs need evaluation.

- The platform requires translation to meet with target language requirements.

- Communication must adapt to the target population.

These marketing and communication actions call for the total involvement of the teams which in turn can sometimes reduce efficiency within the operational process. 

Punctual delivery is essential for our valued customers: when he orders online, he expects the shortest possible delivery time. If delays are not respected, this will have consequences on the websites performance and the number of sales!

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