New Trailers P400

20 June 2021 | France

Faster, more reliable and more ecological ! The P400 trailers are a technical improvement for Bansard International in order to tackle customer needs regarding more effective multimodal road-rail transport solutions.

New Trailers P400


As part of the development of our international road transport solution and to allow the transport of goods by multimodal road-rail, Bansard International has equipped itself with new P400 trailers.

Thanks to it, our road service evolves and offers you : 

  • Speed, 
  • Efficiency,
  • Reliability,
  • Respect of the environment.

The P400 is designed for multimodal transport and is adapted to rail and motorway networks. It has a loading system that allows the trailer to be placed on the rails of a freight train with the help of a logistic tractor, to be picked up by a tractor or a truck once it arrives at its destination. 

These trailers will meet the growing need of our customers for alternative solutions to "all road". The group is betting on the development of our Maghreb-Eastern Europe activity where the demand is booming. Moreover, we believe that such a solution will continue to develop on the French national territory for "long" hauls (over 700 km). 

Also called piggybacking, this solution has certain advantages: its efficiency and its speed. Indeed, the railway part takes place during the night with trains that can go up to 160km/h.

This solution also has the advantage of being reliable since it proposes in advance a calendar with several weekly departures at fixed times.

Finally, in addition to its speed and reliability, piggybacking has real ecological advantages. Indeed, rail is a means of transport with low greenhouse gas emissions. It is one of the types of transport that emits the least amount of CO2 into the atmosphere with 14g of CO2 per kilometer. Thanks to this type of solution, the Bansard group wishes to offer its customers new, more ecological transport alternatives. This will also contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



ODD Chart



Road and rail transport offers several advantages :

Road transport Rail transport
  • Direct means of transport 
  • Less handling 
  • Flexibility 
  • Door-to-door 
  • Shorter transit times 
  • Large volumes 
  • Competitive prices 
  • Low pollution 
  • Alternative to road with political and legal incentives 
  • Suitable for long distances  


Advantages of rail transport : 

Fiability Fixed schedule with several weekly departures at fixed times
Security Transit, security, GPS system
Ecological  Green logistics with a low carbon footprint


Remorque p400


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