Transport and on-site delivery of infrastructure for 5G deployment in France

21 February 2022 | France

The meeting was held at the beginning of February 2022 in the south-west of France, in the town of Anglet, renowned for its 11 surf spots. The final stretch of a completely different challenge brought together various trade experts, gathered for the occasion: surveyors, foremen, crane operators, transporters, engineers, bailiffs, project managers, etc.

Transport and on-site delivery of infrastructure for 5G deployment in France

Indeed, after crossing the different oceans between China (Yantian) and France (Le Havre), an exceptional convoy crossed France from the North to the South-West with the precious technical goods of one of our customers, an international Tier 1 telecom infrastructure provider, for the deployment of 5G in France.

In a 40-foot container weighing almost 22 tons, a complete data center was created and installed. It will be coupled with five air-conditioning units that will ensure the cooling and thus the smooth running of the installation.


Prior to D-Day, various studies had been carried out, including the operating procedure, an overall risk analysis and, above all, a study of the soil, which is known to be marshy, to guarantee a zero risk operation.

To support all the installations, a concrete floor was also built. From an expert and insurance point of view, a bailiff was appointed before and after the work.


On the site, what is surprising at first glance are the 2 cranes of impressive size (120t and 160t) which were installed the day before and positioned on either side of a warehouse to be able to carry out the container transfer operation.

Then, each actor plays his role to perfection with impressive ease and speed. The road, previously immobilised, is taken by the exceptional convoy which makes its approach in reverse.

A nacelle will sling the container, i.e. it will fix the chains and thus hook the container by the high points.

The first crane lifts the container and deposits it in the yard in front of the building.

Then, the second nacelle unhooks the slinging to fix it on the second crane.

The latter, located at the rear of the building, will do the final and gentle positioning on the concrete slab provided for this purpose.

A final operation will consist of moving the 5 air conditioners, one by one, to the rear of the building with the crane for removal alongside the container.

Thanks to the combination of several actors, the operation was a real success: Autaar for the cranes, Transport du Vexin for the exceptional transport truck, Fodasol for the soil studies, the various internal client experts and the collaborators of the Le Havre and Paris CDG Bansard agencies, and especially Nadia CHICK (oversees op.) who coordinated the project with all those involved.




5G Biarritz



  • 40 flat container with overhang / 21 460 kilos 153.40 cbm / 12.19mx3.495 mx3.6m
  • Cooling unit with 5 air conditioners
  • 2 cranes (120t / 160t) with reach of 14m and 19m 
  • 2 nacelles
  • A cat2 exceptional transport with a low loader, 27 tons with its pilot car.

Thank you to all those involved for their efficiency and professionalism!


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