15 November 2017 | Chine | General

Overflowing in Packages… What Singles Day Shows About China’s E-Commerce and Logistics

Last Saturday November 11 was China’s popular Singles Day celebrated on 11.11; this was the biggest online shopping day in the world, breaking records for having the most e-commerce sales in one day. This is what it reveals about e-commerce and e-logistics in China.

19 October 2017 | World | General

Dangerous Goods in Air Freight: About

On Monday October 9, a plane caught on fire in the Hong Kong Airport (HKG) tarmac, as a cargo was being loaded into it. The dramatic accident with one injured, could be the result of a false manipulation of the airport’s machinery and/or of dangerous products (source: South China Morning Post). One recurrent demand in the airfreight industry is to carry dangerous products and with the recent events in Hong Kong, questions are raised concerning the complex matter of dangerous products.

11 October 2017 | France | Events

Bansard, officially partnered with

Did you see them yet? The recognizable apple green colored bikes by, are now available in France! As the proud and official transporters of, we support its exciting development throughout the french market with their innovative concept of bike sharing.

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