10 May 2019 | World | Business information

China Left Stunned by Trump’s 25% Tariff Hike

The US-China Trade War rises to a whole new level as Trump announces tariff hikes on Chinese import goods. China’s Commerce Ministry ‘deeply regrets’ the way things have played out and warned that necessary countermeasures were of order, but did not care to comment any further. The transport industry has to expect to be greatly affected by this new geopolitical landscape shift.

24 April 2019 | Chine | Events

Bansard takes on Canton Fair's 125th Edition

Bansard International took part in the 125th Canton Fair's first phase between April 15th and April 18th 2019 so as to promote its services and solutions to over 20,000 sellers and 200,000 buyers from all over the world. This initiative aimed at extending the Group's presence and broadening its network in China and Southern Asia.

15 April 2019 | World | Our solutions

Ad Valorem insurance: your transport in complete peace of mind

Insure your goods and secure your supply chain with the Ad Valorem insurance ! In case of damage or loss, what should you do? Who pays you back? Wondering why and how it works ? If so, bear with us ! We've got you covered in this article.

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