19 September 2018 | France | General

Zoom on Solar Energy Transportation & Logistics

Solar energy market is currently widening rapidly in a context of sustainable development, dealing with solar panels logistics is becoming crucial. The last decision of the European Commision to abolish anti-dumping measures on solar panels on September 2018 will give renewed momentum to European Union <> China trades. Bansard International seized this opportunity to highlight our solar panel expertise, developed over the years, on shipping solars energy goods which involve specific solutions and equipments.

18 September 2018 | France | Events

CrossLog International - Innovative and digital company

Discover CROSSLOG INTERNATIONAL, our innovative and digital subsidiary, by its CEO Alain SEBBAN. On the program of this short interview, an explanation of the company's 3 main business lines as well as the presentation of the Crossdesk TMS digital solution. Filmed during Paris Retail Week, biggest ecommerce and retail exhibiton in Europe.

10 September 2018 | Chine | Events

Bansard shines at 7L's Partner Awards ceremony !

Bansard International has received the "Most Potential Agent" award last week during the "Silk Way West Airlines Partner Appreciation Event, 2018", which took place at Zhengzhou Airport & Marriot Hotel, China.

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