25 September 2018 | World

New Bansard Box lines: USA>France & Europe/Asia>Morocco

In order to ease the flow of global maritime trade, Bansard Box has been set up by the group. This solution, 100% managed by Bansard is especially designed for your LCL shipment from China but also from Istanbul and Milan. All the Bansard allotments have been negotiated with our sea freight partners to provide you with a reliable service. Coupled with customs and warehousing services, we assist you in optimizing your supply chain.

20 September 2018 | France | Events

EasyColis®, the ecommerce company solution, by Alain Sebban CEO of CrossLog International.

Alain SEBBAN, CEO of CrossLog International, introduce you to EasyColis®, THE e-commerce solution to simplify your shipments and save money.... Ship with #EasyColis® by CrossLog International. Filmed during #ParisRetailWeek 2018.

19 September 2018 | France | General

Zoom on Solar Energy Transportation & Logistics

Solar energy market is currently widening rapidly in a context of sustainable development, dealing with solar panels logistics is becoming crucial. The last decision of the European Commision to abolish anti-dumping measures on solar panels on September 2018 will give renewed momentum to European Union <> China trades. Bansard International seized this opportunity to highlight our solar panel expertise, developed over the years, on shipping solars energy goods which involve specific solutions and equipments.

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