Shanghai, China

Air Product Director, Shanghai

"I enjoy working closely with our clients and Bansard family, especially with airfreight members, and the team of commercial & supply chain."

I served in several logistic companies before eventually becoming Key Account Customer Service at Bansard International in 2007, responsible for several key accounts.  My ability to quickly win trust and build long-term relationships with clients and my airfreight expertise was well recognized by the customers.

In 2011, I acted as North China Airfreight Manager, with responsibility for new business development, maintaining customer satisfaction and ensuring the best organization regionally. While Bansard grew rapidly in the market, we developed the partnership with more and more airlines and expanded our capacity 1000% in 6 years.

Now I work as the Air Product Director, with responsibility for providing a variety of customized airfreight solutions at a controlled cost and integrating our global network throughout my expertise. I enjoy working closely with not only air team members, business development units at Bansard but our client, which ensured proper prioritization of various projects. With my seasoned experience and expertise in identifying market trends, opportunities and customer needs, I am confident Bansard could support different clients to adapt to market demands.



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