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Customer service

"Our job is to propose the best solution according to the needs and urgency of the client"

We went to this department to try to understand what exactly its role is.

A little-known department, yet key to the smooth running of operations, it is made up of 8 employees.

It is a dynamic, friendly team that encourages mutual aid without internal competition, and has good communication skills. It provides continuous service to a dozen premium customers in the electronics, industry and textile sectors.

The main role of the department is to act as an intermediary between the supplier and the end customer, which requires a high degree of proximity and availability to the customers, as the important thing is to find the right solution for each customer.


"A large volume of information to be processed requires rigorous organization," says Mr. Sami Bahouche

Our mission is based on 3 axes :

  • Establishing quotations with several transport agents and then proposing them to the end customer,
  • Tender preparations,
  • Checking of invoices,

The qualities required to join the Customer Service department are versatility, diplomacy, organization, but also autonomy and resistance to stress in order to be able to manage any unforeseen events that may arise.


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