PROJECT: MCC solutions with our customer Unicomer!

PROJECT: MCC solutions with our customer Unicomer!

As a specialist in multi-country consolidation (MCC) worldwide. How did Bansard International successfully manage a total shipment of more than 3,100 MCCs in 31 PO's? Why did a group like Unicomer choose us as an expert to manage the complex job of consolidating furniture from 3 different countries (China, Vietnam and Malaysia) in Asia to 12 Caribbean countries? Read our story to find out the details of the operation



The Unicomer Group, which was founded in 2000, is positioned in different retail chains. The group sells a large variety of products featuring worldwide recognized brands of large and small appliances, furniture, electronics and a variety of accessories. Unicomer is mostly active in the Caribbean and Central/Latin America. 

Therefore, they entrust Bansard International to manage their complex project with goods like chairs and tables, across the Pacific Ocean to 12 countries in the Caribbean. And that's not the only part that required meticulous work with responsiveness and flexibility. Our Free Trade Zone (FTZ) warehouse in Shanghai received goods from China, Malaysia & Vietnam by truck and feeder. 

This multi-country consolidation (MCC) was managed fast by providing a loading plan in 48 hours and also a daily inventory check. We adopted a 2 weeks pre-booking to insure the shipments with the opportunity to adapt to customer needs once a week.


A total of 3.100 CBM and 179 SKU has been transited via Shanghai. In addition, some value-added services had been provided also by Bansard China logistics team as combo preparations, where our team was making 4 chairs and 1 table kit. This kitting service at origin has offered a cost-efficient and time-saving solution for faster deconsolidation at the destination and thus providing a shorter time-to-market.


In Asia, the success of these complex operations was due to the good coordination of the Bansard Vietnam, Singapore, and China teams as well as the great reactivity and flexibility provided by our logistics partners. And of course, thanks to the perfect work at reception by our partner in Central America: America Logistics Group (ALG).  

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