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Bansard International offers customers in China, easy access to the European e-commerce market. Offering an end-to-end transport option, that enables fast deliveries to European consumers, individuals and enterprises. By combining our fast customs clearance process of small parcels and our IT tools, we can guarantee you speed and fluidity in your exchanges, with transport no longer hampering the development of your e-shop or your e-logistics activities.  Our teams are based in France and China and are always ready to help you organize ideas for your business.



Express deliveries for small parcels from China to Europe.

B2C & B2B shipments

Express deliveries to both individual and professional customers.


48/72H door-to-door delivery from China to Europe.


Real time, full-tracking service, allowing you to inform your client of the current status of shipments.


VAT & tax according to commodity value. Custom clearance of small parcels.

  • Management of your shipment from China and e-logisitics platforms
  • With our IT tool, you will be able to carry out your transport orders, edit your Bansard tracking label and transport slips.
  • Return your parcel before 11am to our e-logisitcs warehouses located in Shanghai and Hong Kong. It is also possible to arrange collection from your home.
  • Customs clearance at our warehouse, and preparation of documents for export.
  • Departure on a direct flight to France (CDG), the same day.
  • Delivery throughout the European Union
  • Departure from China on D-day, pick up of the goods before 11:00 am.
  • Delivery on D+1 within the Paris area, D+2 within France, Day+3/4 within Europe (members of European Union)
  • Methods of delivery at destination: fast, standard, express deliveries, collect from stores, by courier, etc.
  • Manage reverse logistics using simple and economic solutions.
  • Custom Clearance and Track & trace
  • Fast customs clearance services of little parcels
  • Inform your customers of their order status via our automated text message and email alerts.
  • Tracking until delivery.

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