360 Visibility & Control Tower

From supply to delivery to the final customer, Bansard’s Control Tower ensures the perfect connection between the various parties in your supply chain, providing the smooth operation of all your logistics and transport activities. Our goal is to give you a 360 ° visibility, real-time, of all your flow to facilitate the tracking and your decision-making. This level of visibility allows you to meet and improve your delivery time, reduce inventory, and optimize your supply chain!

Our expertise


  • Revitalize the relationships with your suppliers through the implementation of an agenda with regular updates from the Bansard team to ensure perfect communication and coordination of flows, putting these flows into operation processes and to our IT tools developed for collecting information
  • Centralize monitoring of the transport and logistics operations of your entire supply chain
  • Deal with all issues within your supply chain individuals: shipping companies, carriers, 3PL’s, warehouses, etc...
  • Ensure the perfect coordination between all countries where Bansard have established themselves
  • Provide the much-needed connection and feedback with your team to facilitate decision-making process, and the implementation of corrective actions
  • Provide you with all the IT tools for monitoring of your supply chain: follow-up order status, tracking, KPI's, etc...

  • A dedicated world coordinator as your key account manager
  • Air and sea freight managers for carriers coordinations
  • A CFS manager ensures coordination across all warehouses and quality of services
  • A personalised working contact within the required country
  • IT project team
supply chain control tower


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