Shenzhen, CHINA

Shenzhen Branch Manager

"I look forward to facing the challenges of 2021 and newness of this industry with Bansard and to continue growing."

2021 will mark my 10th year with Bansard International, for which I worked 6 years in Qingdao and then 4 years in Shenzhen as Branch Manager.  Before joining Bansard International, I worked in Qingdao for 5 years, on the shipping companies' side,respectively 3 years of customer service experience in Maersk Logistics and 2 years of customer service supervisor experience in MOL Consolidation.

Then I chose to travel to other countries to continue my professional development. So I spent 2 years in Inchcape Shipping Service Dubai in a customer service. With my desire to take on new challenges and my 7 years of experience in the transportation and logistics industry, I joined the teams of Bansard International China in 2011, where I worked for 6 years as Branch Manager of Qingdao office, responsible for the air and sea freight in Qingdao.

Four years ago, looking forward to a new challenge, I moved to Shenzhen to take over all the operations of the office, which manages larger sea freight operations. Looking back to 2020, it was probably the most challenging year of my career, the whole sea freight market has changed drastically, but the Shenzhen team and I have passed the test and have witnessed our growth and development with Bansard International thanks to our hard work and teamwork!

I am grateful for all the opportunities and help I have received during my last 10 years at Bansard International. The company has given me the opportunity to grow internally, fully supported my family relocation and has always put the development and interests of our employees first. I look forward to facing the challenges of 2021 and newness of this industry with Bansard and to continue growing!

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