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Message from the President



President of Bansard International Group

« Bansard's ambition is to become the architect
to execute your supply chain. »

Experts in freight forwarding and overseas logistics services, Bansard successfully implements both transport and logistics solutions globally.

  • Transport Solutions
  • Logistique Solutions
  • I.T Solutions
  • Supply Chain Solutions

Bansard International works alongside its clients within the overall management of their supply chain, from initial purchase to final delivery to the customer. Designing supply chain solutions through the development of an innovative and efficient organization which in turn promotes optimal productivity.

Bansard's IT solutions support its customers by providing them with real-time visibility and total traceability of their entire supply chain.

As an architect, we carefully consider each of key factor and components to implement solutions, always with a single objective: respecting the interests of our customers.


Bansard’s mission is to place the customer to the fore, motivating our teams to adhere to our corporate vision so enabling us to offer positive experiences within a highly responsive and customized service, validated by a short internal decision-making process.

Our employees have been well trained always to be attentive in dealing with any issues you may have and are committed to providing to with the optimal solutions for your supply chain.

Bansard’s local teams will give you not only an understanding of the relevant countries infrastructure but also of their expertise within the transport and supply chain management field to secure and streamline process efficiently.

Hence, why I’ve always ensured our expansion strategy in perfectly in tune with the changing requirements within your supply chain and firmly believe that by opting for our service, you are entering into a long-lasting and sustainable partnership.


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