Bansard International provides its clients with the option of the AD VALOREM guarantee allowing for compensation to be sought based on the commercial invoice. This insurance covers the goods entrusted to Bansard International during delivery to the agreed final destination. The insurance is underwritten by us, on an ad hoc basis, upon your request. The goods may be guaranteed up to their value at the destination, which may include fees applicable to such products.


This Guarantee will cover damage, theft or loss of materials suffered by the goods in transit. Guarantees for the risks of war, strikes, riots, civil commotion and similar risks are on request, these being necessary in the case of documentary credit (Credoc) or countries at risk.

Exception if, the damage has occurred due to:

  • Defective goods
  • Inadequate and unsuitable packaging
  • Sender error
  • The influence of atmospheric temperature

Guarantees are made at the request of Bansard International customer, within a minimum of three days before shipment.

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