Consolidation, hub center

Bansard International coordinates and manages your shipments from the supplier's factory until delivery to the final consignee. In order to optimize your delivery, we assemble your goods at our CFS warehouse before proceeding to set up the optimal, primary transport method so, we can reduce your shipping costs by maximizing your load. We will subsequently help reduce the cost of storage at destination thanks to optimal and more reliable delivery times. As a result, you will receive a more flexible service that meets the growth demands of your operations and purchasing department. Our IT solutions allow you to track your shipments and improve efficiency.

  • Stock management: manage and display variances between forecasts and goods received.
  • Packaging, quantity and labelling control.
  • Cross-docking, deconsolidation and consolidation.
  • Optimize the loading of your containers/vehicles.
  • Perform all logistics services before the departure of your shipment.
  • Ensure the efficiency and speed of booking with carriers.
  • Optimize your shipments planning.

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