21 October 2020 | Thailand | General

Zoom on Rail market from China to Europe

Since August and in response to a growing surge of demand, rail freight from China to Europe has been in full swing. As demand continues to grow, rail transport is facing congestion and overbooking which is impacting shipments, lengthening transit times.

14 October 2020 | China | General

Focus on China Import, 2nd largest importer in the world

For the past 10 years, China has always been the second-largest importer in the world behind the USA. Even during recent years, under the pressure of the trade war with the USA, highly uncertain economic prospects, and the impact of the pandemic, the Chinese import market still makes admirable progress. More and more countries start and develop their trade partnerships with China and develop both Import and export business via multiple ways of transportation as air freight, sea freight, rail, and more! On the eve of the CIIE, Bansard International reviews the key elements of imports into China.

06 October 2020 | World

ISO 9001, The Bansard International group evolves for the satisfaction of its customers.

The Bansard International group is evolving and becoming more professional by implementing the ISO 9001: 2015 standard on in the begining of 2021, the international standard dedicated to quality management for companies. The international freight transport group continues to develop with the primary objective of always satisfying its customers.

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