13 January 2020 | World | Corporate

Bansard gets greener!

Reducing costs and improving the level of service are two decisive elements of international transport and logistics. New challenges have recently emerged. Ecology and sustainable development have thus become crucial factors in the strategic and essential choices of our industry.

27 November 2019 | France

2019 ISS Global Conference

A Bansard International delegation was invited to the ISS Annual Conference that stood place in Dubai from November 6 to 8, the event was a great opportunity to strengthen the ties between the two companies. Back on the key points of the conference. 

14 November 2019 | World | Business information

Sea-Air China-Europe service: a perfect alternative for peak seasons

Sea-Air is a multimodal transport solution particularly useful during peak season, faster than sea freight and cheaper than air freight. This solution saves you time and reduces costs.

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