PROJECT: Industrial/Aero Project from France to Tunisia

PROJECT: Industrial/Aero Project from France to Tunisia

Bansard International has successfully organized and carried out special transport from the French city of Roissy-en-France to a machining center for the manufacture of titanium in Mghira, Tunisia.
This exceptional shipment was transported safely between the two countries thanks to the quality supervision of Bansard Tunisia, a major player in the field of subcontracting in the aeronautics industry.
Groupe Bansard, with its extensive experience and efficient organization, was able to complete this complex task in such a short time.


The machine is very large and very heavy (around 30 tonnes) and its transport was a very time-consuming and labour-intensive project. It took 3 full days to load the machine and another 3 days to transport this titanium-made behemoth from Roissy to Marseille (France) and through an approved transport route.

In accordance with SEI 4 standards, the machine was encapsulated in a vacuum-packed, heat-sealed bag and, in addition, the corners of the container panels were reinforced with metal plates to ensure a stronger structure and therefore a safer transport.

Figeac Aero

- The transfer from Paris to Marseille was carried out with a tank transporter. 
- In Marseille, both transshipment and parking were carried out undercover in closed hangars. 
- As for the maritime transport part, the crate was loaded on a MAFI trailer and traveled in the ship’s lay-by.

Figeac Aero 2.png

The operation was carried out successfully. Big thanks and congratulations to the operating teams, to our partners, and especially to Bansard International Tunisia !

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