Rail Transportation Solution China > France

27 February 2020 | World | Corporate

Just recently, Bansard International China received an urgent shipment of large volumes to be shipped from China to France. Despite the current context, Bansard China and Bansard France teams were able to react quickly by proposing a rail solution that met our customer's short deadlines, with a measured cost but also with a reduced carbon impact.

Rail Transportation Solution China > France

Managing significant volume during the Chinese New Year, besides the coronavirus outbreak, is a challenge of every freight forwarder. Our long time partner trusted Bansard International for our ability to come up quickly with innovative solutions. After receiving an urgent shipment of the total weight of more than 134 tons from Northern China to be shipped to France, Bansard teams promptly imagined and implemented a dedicated rail solution despite to ensure the delivery of the cargo.

At this period of the year, with cargo volume boomed in China export transportation market, freight rates snowballed because of the coming Chinese New Year holiday without taking into account of Coronavirus outbreaks and its impacts. From Dalian, Bansard teams proposed rail service as one economical and efficient solution for this urgent shipment to meet the cargo delivery deadline. Indeed using rail freight offers a quicker solution than sea freight (around 40 days of transit time) and meanwhile allows our client to control transportation costs with a solution cheaper than air freight (especially during this season).

Short of cross provinces trucking service before the long holiday in China, as well as potential underway congestion of rail transportation induced by the bad weather in the winter, make this project not only challengeable but also unpredictable. Thanks to Bansard China teams' rich expertise in Supply Chain Management, the 26 containers were pre-booked 20 days in advance to secure the rail space, picked up from Dalian to Xi'an rail station via guaranteed truck services.

Bansard Rail Solution

The loadings have been divided into to 2 shipments, departing on 27 Jan. and 12 Feb. under the coronavirus crisis, and the transit times from Xi'an to Duisburg even has been shortened to 14 days to finish this over a 10,000-kilometer tour, four days faster than usual. Our dedicated team in Rungis office organized the destination distribution from terminal to the final 2 client warehouses located in Central and South of France separately. 

Bansard international delivers rail solutions departing from Asia to Europe with a fixed schedule and daily departures and low carbon emission at a controllable cost. Goods can be transported through Eurasia routes through China to European lands like Hamburg, Duisburg, Warsaw, or Spain over an average of 15 days.

To provide a unique solution in this disrupted market due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Bansard International has charted trains ready to meet client needs for high-quality services leaving Xi'an on March 5, 9, 13, 18.

For more information do not hesitate to contact our team at infocoronavirus@bansard.com  

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