France, Poitiers


" Work, determination and interest are the keys to success in what I do! "

I joined Bansard International in 2013, at their office in Poitiers, France. This was my first job: I had just graduated with a diploma in Management of International Exchanges, specialized in transportation! I then discovered and learned as a shipping agent, surrounded by a team at Bansard Poitiers. The very first step before I could sell services was acquiring all the necessary knowledge and learn further about the process going on in the company.

Everyday I learned to love researching better deals and solutions of transport for our clients. Every client has a different problem linked to their products but we provide solutions that are adaptable to every client's’ needs… I also discovered all types of industries, their goods, their constraints and distinctiveness. It’s fascinating! I loved earning technical vocabulary from this complex industry!

As a techno-commercial you are required to be versatile and love knowledge, because I learn everyday from what I do! My work also implicates working everyday with Bansard teams from offices around the world.  I have always loved that aspect of my work as well!

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